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no U.S. war in Syria

It’s as though recent history is repeating itself, with no broader historical perspective. It’s like the justification for war in Iraq in 2002-03 all over again and once again U.S. imperialism seems boundless and its power un-checked. 

Might be worth a moment to call your elected reps in Washington, and to take your message to streets, coffee shops, newspapers, etc. if you can. A good website for quick review of talking points is:
The U.S. should not lead any military strikes in Syria and should only be a part of multilateral, diplomatic, efforts to end the violence there. It was not that long ago that the U.S. and its allies were supplying the Assad regime with the very agents needed to develop these chemical weapons that now seem so atrocious to us that they justify military intervention. The ironies of imperialism are all over the mainstream media, it’s just too much to take